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Our values – Personally there for you

We simplify the lives of our clients, provide assurance and are personally there for you.

Our approach

  • We are personally committed to our clients.
  • Therefore, everyone is important to us: from the employees at reception, to the engagement managers and staff clear through to the employees in administration.
  • We relieve our clients from a technical and time perspective by thinking ahead and by being their personal contact Person.
  • We continuously educate ourselves and inform ourselves about current developments so that our clients can seize opportunities and avoid risks.
  • We offer individual, modular services as needed.
  • We stand for trust and transparency – just like the “A” in the Ferax logo: We show what – at first glance – is not visible (for example tax savings, efficiency improvements and hidden risks).
  • The name Ferax comes from the Latin word for fruitful. We want all of our interactions with our clients to be fruitful and to lead to success.

Your advantages

  • Simple: You can concentrate on what you do well and/or like to do.
  • Safe: You can rest assured that all aspects which impact your decisions have been considered.
  • Personal: You have one contact person who is familiar with your individual situation.


We analyze facts in an interdisciplinary manner, indicate interdependencies and put the whole thing in the context of the customer's personal situation - the holistic view leads to a well-founded decision.
Stefanie Jaggi
lic.iur. Attorney at Law
Tax and Law Consultant
We bring versatility, flexibility and commitment to our clients. As a result, we can quickly achieve a strong solution even for complex projects.
Matthias Krautter
Swiss Certified Specialist for Finance and Accounting
Swiss Certified VAT Expert
Success is a seemingly endless road! We first gain knowledge at the outer edge of our comfort zone. We would be pleased to accompany you beyond that point.
Antonio Marin
Bachelor of Science ZFH in Business Administration
Swiss Certified Accountant
Swiss Licensed Audit Expert
We closely accompany our clients and look after them personally. In this way, we can competently advise and give our clients the comfort of a good, uncomplicated solution.
Renzo Peduzzi
Bachelor of Science HSW in Business Administration
Swiss Certified Accountant
Expert in financial reporting according to IFRS
Swiss Licensed Audit Expert
Experience, quality of service and mutual trust - these three factors are the basis of a partnership and successful cooperation.
Urs Schneider
lic. oec. HSG
Swiss Certified Accountant
Swiss Licensed Audit Expert
We place high demands on the quality of our work. Personal client contact is crucial for success.
Emil Walt
lic. oec. publ.
Swiss Certified Accountant
Swiss Licensed Audit Expert
Albert Burri
Swiss Certified Expert in Accounting and Controlling
Swiss Certified Accountant
Swiss Licensed Audit Expert
Regula Zogg
Member of Management
Accountable administration
College of Higher Vocational Education Diploma in Business Administration
Agnes Stefanicki
Tax and Law Consultant
Bachelor of Science ZFH in Business Law
Corinne Schmid
Member of Management
Master of Law UZH
Swiss Certified Tax Expert
Tax and Law Consultant
Luca Levckovits Turkawka
Olinda Friedli
Swiss Certified Fiduciary
Deborah Hug
Member of Management
Master of Arts HSG in Accounting and Finance
Swiss Certified Accountant
Swiss Licensed Audit Expert
Yvonne Latzer
Swiss Certified Fiduciary Expert
Swiss Licensed Audit Expert
Stephan Räber
Assistant Auditor
Master of Arts in Banking and Finance
David Sieber
Assistant Auditor
Claudia Baumann
Master of Arts UZH in Business and Economics
Licensed Auditor
Alessia Ott
Diploma in Business Administration
Michael Eichenberger
Bachelor of Science FHNW in Business Administration
Licensed Auditor
Christof Zimmermann
Assistant Auditor
Urs Tretter
Swiss Certified Auditor
Bachelor of Science FH in Business Administration
Swiss Licensed Audit Expert
Marisa Schmid
Swiss Certified Auditor
Bachelor of Arts UZH in Business and Economics
Bruno Frei
Auditor and quality control fiduciary
Bachelor of Science ZFH in Business Administration


Our licenses as a guarantee for high quality service

  • Licensed as a government supervised audit firm (supervision by the Financial Audit Oversight Authority FAOA)
    • Highest possible license for audits in Switzerland
    • Licensed to audit publicly listed companies
    • We are inspected by the FAOA at least once every three years and our quality management is tested thoroughly
  • Special statutory approval as an audit firm for insurance companies (supervision by FINMA)

Our clients

We are fortunate that our services and proven expertise are used by companies and organizations from many varied industries as well as by individuals. We are particularly proud that many of them have been loyal clients for years.

Our clients include:


  • Law offices
  • Construction firms
  • Service providers
  • Commercial and retail
  • Real estate companies
  • Industrial production companies
  • Health insurance companies
  • Medical
  • Pharma
  • Wealth management
  • Insurance companies


  • Sole proprietorships
  • Holding companies
  • Legal entities
  • Individuals
  • Employee benefit foundations
  • Publicly listed companies
  • Non-profit organizations (NPO)
  • Startups
  • Associations and societies
  • Housing cooperatives
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